Small yard sale and bake sale.

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We are having a small yard sale on July 30, 2016 from 9-11am and the Cottage. We will will have a small amount of household items and some extra cleaning supplies.

We need bakers!! If you would like to donate any baked good we will gladly accept! Who doesn’t love yummy treats?
We also need volunteers to help set up and man tables.

We are also offering tables to anyone that wants to sell their items. Price is $10 per table and you must setup/cleanup and man your table.

Thanks so much and hope to see you there.

We are not accepting any items at this time.


DOB: 2007         FS, DSH

Carly is our only polydactal resident and has extra toes on all four feet. She was rescued from a kill shelter in New Jersey where she spent 1.5 yrs. in a cage. She is still a little skittish around people but will come out for loves with a little bit of patience and coaxing. She gets along well with other cats and especially enjoys naps in the cubby holes of her cat tree.


DOB: 3/1/11     FS, DSH

Special Needs: Rear limb/hip condition

This lovely lady was a rescue. Hard to believe anyone could abandon someone so beautiful and sweet. Belinda has a spunky, playful personality. She is reserved around other cats when first meeting them, but quickly adjusts and becomes their playmate. She’s loving and affectionate with people. She doesn’t let her leg and hip condition slow her down one bit.

Sponsored by: Michele Bell, Plymouth Mtg., PA


DOB: 1/18/2003      FS, DSH

Tuck is our resident office manager here at Kitty Cottage, or at least she acts like she’s in charge! After a stint of refusing to eat while adjusting to her new home here, our little princess will now only eat Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys with white chicken. Despite her diva-like eating habits Tuck is an incredibly sweet cat who gets very attached to her “person” and would be perfectly happy being carried around on your shoulder all day long. She loves to show her affection with kisses, but isn’t so sweet on other cats. The perfect pet for someone who is looking for companionship and wants to shower their cat with affection, but not for a household that already has other pets.

P.S. You can read more about Tuck’s amazing beginnings at Kitty Cottage in her article on “Life With Cats”!

*Sponsored by:  Mark Morris, King of Prussia, PA, and Sharon Simson, Villanova, PA